Old socks..

The socks she wears
Twisted and dusty with dog hair
Look strange to most
Burnt orange, from the 70’s
Found in a thrift store box
Soft, comforting
Like a hug she needed
Long ago
They should be tossed

Still, there are hugs left

For now,
They can come off
And let the sun in.

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From Mud to Lotus…

From Mud to Lotus…

nature 039

It is becoming more “clear” to me of what my eyes truly see….

While laying in bed last night, not being able to see because of an optical migraine, I chose instead of worry, to talk to God.

He showed me that my biggest downfall was indeed my eyesight. For the things I choose to look at are the very things that compare me with others, a sense of not being good enough. Not the right clothes, the…

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